Mike Tyson still silent on challenge from Shannon Briggs

Former WBO heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs is in a feud with former UFC light heavyweight champion Rampage Jackson. Briggs has posted a multitude of memes in an attempt to get under Jackson’s skin but that isn’t his sole focus. The knockout artist has called out another KO specialist. He has called out Mike Tyson multiple times now for a legends fight. This would be a fight for the fans since we never got to see the two throw down in their primes. It was a true missed opportunity.

Tyson and Roy Jones Jr fought in November of 2020 to a draw in a somewhat entertaining match. This opened the door for other legends to potentially throw down and with freak show boxing being white hot right now a Briggs versus Tyson fight makes a lot of sense. The only roadblock is that Mike, and I can’t believe I’m typing this, is slated to fight Logan Paul next. Maybe younger people might tune in to see this but I can’t imagine a lot of combat sports fans will be throwing money at a boxer in his 50s fighting someone much younger with no real boxing skills.

Despite sitting at 49 years old, Shannon poses a bigger threat to Tyson by far than Mike’s list of challengers. Shannon undoubtedly still possesses most of that knockout power he is famous for and the key to making money in the freak show boxing era is picking opponents carefully because a loss could be devastating to money drawing potential. Whether or not Mike will answer this challenge is yet to be seen, but Griggs has kept his challenge out there and he is still waiting for a response. I communicate with Briggs on social media and he confirmed this to me recently.

We would want to see this fight but the question is – would you?