NFL great Frank Gore wants to fight Jake Paul

NFL running back Frank Gore is about to make his boxing debut against basketball player Deron Williams. Gore is number 3 all time rushing and has even made comments stating he is mulling over trying to make one more super bowl run. The decision to box is odd taking that in to account but money talks. Should Frank get past Williams he wants a piece of Jake Paul.

Gore is 38 meaning he’s not quite over the hill enough for Jake to accept the bout. Gore isn’t a big enough name or more importantly not a big enough name in combat sports so that’s strike two. Paul’s team know that this freak show boxing match craze won’t be around forever and a single loss could kill Jake’s drawing power. People tune in to see him get knocked out and so far he has disappointed them. Jake needs established names that pose a minimal threat to make as much money as quickly as possible.

Here is what Gore told TMZ: