Former UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw has been called out by many since his return from an EPO violation suspension. The suspension is what cost him the belt and since he was champion at the time his previous victories came under scrutiny. Was he in violation in those and just didn’t get caught? Only TJ knows.

The latest to call him out as of this article is former featherweight king Jose Aldo. The Brazilian’s challenge has been answered by Dillashaw on Submission Radio (via MMAJunkie).

I’ve actually been called out I think by every fighter in the, for sure top five, if not top 10, after they won a fight before I came back and fought Sandhagen. I swear every fighter called me out because it makes sense. I mean, I’m the true champion of the division, and you’re trying to build your name off me, thinking that I’ve been out for two years, that I’m coming off all this drama, that I’m not going to be the same fighter. And Sandhagen made that mistake, as well, and now he’s having to go further back to try and get to a title.

The question remains as to whether Dillashaw is capable of performing at the level he was when he knocked out Cody Garbrandt twice in a row. He returned in July and eeked out a close decision victory over Cory Sandhagen in an exciting war. He did not look like the dominant TJ of old but he still had some fire left. Do you think he can get the gold back?