The 7 year old boy who has been in a coma since April 22nd from his instructor’s repeated judo slams has sadly died. The boy is identified only by his surname, Huang.

McDojo Life, a prominent social media and YouTube critic of junk martial arts and all around bad martial arts etiquette covered the story extensively. The footage of the incident is disturbing so you have been warned.

We don’t usually link to content creator videos but it is well done and thorough. If you don’t follow them on these platforms we highly recommend it.

The instructor in question is identified by his surname Ho. The Central News Agency reported that Ho had no coaching license but was offering free classes anyways in the Taiwanese city of Fengyuan. Ho reportedly stated that throws were a regular part of their training but it was noted by the Central News Agency that Huang did not have the proper training.

Ho is free on bail while the investigation continues.