The saga of Joshua Fabia and Diego Sanchez may finally be coming to an end. Even after Joshua started airing what he claims is dirty laundry his former School of Self Awareness cult member Diego Sanchez has taken the moral high road. He finally gave a statement on all of the rumors floating around out there concerning what happened between the two of them.

To all of my family, friends, fans and the mma community

Thank you all for your continued love and support through this very challenging time in my life. I appreciate all of the defense that arose for me on behalf of my career, myself and all of those who were involved. Thank you for those that have been sensitive to this situation. I apologize to all of those that were affected negatively. I will refrain from provoking this situation any longer. I refuse to fire back on accusations that in the intent were made to provoke me and those close to me. Once again, my faith has taught me to love thy neighbor and love thy enemy. I wish for peace to surface moving forward. Luke 6:27-36.

I will lift Josh and Rebecca up in prayer Prayers that god helps them find their peaceful awareness.

In Christ

Diego Sanchez

I can’t help but think that was a passive aggressive shot there at the end when he said he would pray for their ’peaceful awareness’. Burn.