After Floyd Mayweather Jr had a poor showing against 0-1 YouTube Star Logan Paul this past weekend there were a lot of excuses made by his supporters. The fact is that the once great boxer couldn’t get it done in eight rounds. Reasonable fans understood what this meant.

Another person who understood what it meant is Dana White. He agreed with the rational part of fandom that Floyd Mayweather Jr should retire. The boxer is 44 years old and while the skills are still there he is starting to gradually lose speed and accuracy. Granted he could still beat the majority of people they put him across from but everyone needs to retire at some point before they suffer serious damage. We are looking at you Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell and the list goes on. Even one of if not the greatest boxer of all time Muhamed Ali should have retired long before he did. The point is, Mayweather should call it quits.

Dana White also answered questions about whether or not Logan Paul could compete in the UFC. Logan has a standard mixed martial arts background and by all accounts can probably do well on the regional circuit. Jumping someone up to the big leagues who isn’t ready may temporarily bump up pay-per-view buy rates but it might also kill their career. I think it should be a long while before Logan Paul ever enters The Octagon.

Here’s what Dana White told TMZ.