This is something I never thought I would say. Bellator isn’t interested in someone like Diego Sanchez.

Mike Heck tweeted out that he spoke to Bellator’s Scott Coker and he has zero interest and signing Diego Sanchez after he was released from the UFC. Honestly, it is unlikely any organization is in a rush to sign him given the drama that his new coach Joshua Fabia brings with him everywhere he goes.

If you have been following our site then you know that Joshua was the one who not only got Diego removed from a high profile fight with fellow legend Donald Cerrone but also got his contract terminated. When you have a fighter with value like Sanchez you work with them and you keep them as active as they feel they can be.

Diego won the first season of The Ultimate Fighter and was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame for his fight with Clay Guida. Unfortunately all of those accolades no longer mean anything because Joshua has damaged the relationship between Diego and the UFC beyond repair and that has apparently spilled over to other organizations who have heard about what’s happening. It’s a shame.

Here is the tweet:

Do you think any organization will sign Diego? We think it is unlikely and that his career is over.

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