Why? Why do they do it?

We ask that question but we know the answer. It’s money. Ever since Conor McGregor became the hundred million dollar man after fighting Floyd Mayweather Junior it seems like everybody is wanting to cross over from mixed martial arts to boxing for a big payday. I hope one of these boxers figures out that crossing over into mixed martial arts would be massive for someone who is relevant. Imagine Canelo Alvarez right now climbing into the cage against a competent striker. I think that would do very well. It will never happen because boxers most likely would be destroyed in a minute to minute and a half.

The latest mixed martial artist to announce a crossover in to boxing is former middleweight champion Anderson Silva. According to various reliable reports the 45 year old is slated to face Julio Cesar Chavez Junior on June 19th. This is surprising given that Anderson retired from MMA and his last run wasn’t his best. Then again, if you can make that big money and sail off into the sunset why wouldn’t you?

We will update you as more becomes available.

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