Someone getting mad at something Colby Covington said? Clutch the pearls! This is news to us.

That’s sarcasm in case anybody was confused.

Colby Covington has said some pretty inflammatory things in the past and he has stepped across the line with them more than once. Recently he made some pretty vile statements about a female fighter named Polyana Vianna.

He explained to the media why he wasn’t going to face Leon Edwards next which would be the logical choice. The winner of that contest would surely go on to a title shot in their next outing. You would expect it to be fight related but then again this is Colby we are talking about.

Here is the reason he gave with one foot far beyond the line of decency.

There wasn’t much talks. I was balls deep in Polyana Viana, so to get me off the couch on three weeks notice to fight some Leon guy, it was going to be a price tag.

Everybody’s going to have to use their imagination on that one. I’m not claiming to be her boyfriend, but what’s up with titles these days? Why does there have to be a title? Why can’t two adults just have fun together?

That’s exactly what we did. We spent a couple days together, had a great time together. I got to work on my bedroom cardio, keeping world class championship form, and that’s that. I’ve got nothing but respect for her and Polyana’s a great girl, beautiful girl.

via Middle Easy

She is on a two fight win streak in the UFC and gaining in popularity. As you can imagine, she was not happy when she heard his claims. She fired back on Twitter.


I have never given room for any kind of comment or judgment about my personal life, but it is not for me to judge the person’s attitude. I feel sorry for those who act so low to try to promote themselves. It is revolting,

What do you think of Covington’s comments?

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