There always seems to be some kind of crossover be between someone in WWE and someone in another form of entertainment. Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather Jr and the big show, or even Ronda Rousey and Stephanie McMahon before the former UFC champion was signed. Business is always good when a popular crossover star shows up in the squared circle.

Rapper Bad Bunny showed up last month at WWE Royal Rumble and it cost The Miz and John Morrison.

They appear to be playing this rivalry up quite a bit to the point where Miz is threatening to hurt Bad Bunny (via TMZ).

Let’s put it this way. Bad Bunny is an amazing artist, right? He has a ton of people, a ton of fans. He has like 1.1 billion views on his YouTube videos, all his music videos have so many people watching. Stay in your lane! Like that’s what you do! I’m a WWE superstar! That is what I do, that is my job! You are a musician! Be a musician!

Here’s where the pro wrestler turned it up a notch.

Look, he makes a lot of money being a musician. So, go do that. Keep on making that money because the fact is, if you come into the WWE ring, I’m gonna break your jaw and when I break your jaw, you’re gonna need a lot of money.

I wonder if Miz realizes that street cred is very important to a rapper?

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