Betting on mixed martial arts fights can be a crapshoot. Anything can and will happen to what you might believe to be a sure thing.

Maybe it’s because of that that we have prop bets.

For those who don’t know what prop bets are it’s pretty simple. It’s when you bet on random and sometimes ridiculous events to occur during a fight. Occasionally, a Jon Jones fight will have one available for total eye poke warnings. And by occasionally we mean almost every single one.

Conor Mcgregor and Dustin Poirier throw down on Saturday night at UFC 257 in the main event. McGregor easily defeated Dustin by knock out in the first round back in 2014 in a featherweight bout. This time around it’s going to be at one weight class above, lightweight. Both men have been champions in the division and both have lost to current champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. Dustin was finished in the third round but it took until the fourth for the Russian to finish Conor. We are certain that was factored in to the oddsmakers equations.

Right now according to oddsshark Conor is the clear favorite at -325 to Dustin’s +250. The opening lines were much closer with McGregor only at -180 to Poirier’s +155. There is always a fluctuation to the odds even to the last hour before a fight happens, or the last minute when allowed.

And now we get to the ridiculousness of the many prop bets surrounding this fight. We will share a small portion of them because there are a lot.

How long will Bruce Buffer’s introduction be?

Over 167.5 seconds

Under 167.5 seconds

Will the two of them touch gloves before they fight?

Yes -550

No +375

Will the fight end in under a minute?

Yes +600

No -1000

Who will get the first successful take down?

Conor McGregor +300

Dustin Poirier -400

Who is going to start bleeding first?

Conor McGregor +200

Dustin Poirier -260

Will they bleed?

Yes -150

No +120

The others include your standard bets of the round it will finish in, will it go the distance, will it be a submission or a knock out, and so on. If you are a serious gambler some of them may appeal to you.

Seeing the future is not a skill I possess but if I had to guess I would predict Conor McGregor by TKO in the second.

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