Chris Irvine better known as professional wrestler Chris Jericho is one of the most respected sports entertainers of all time. He has been a champion in WCW, AEW, ECW, and WWE as well as a host of others. What most people may not know is that Chris is a big supporter of current president Donald Trump.

Politics aside, there have been a lot of investigations and open records requests during his presidency that have revealed donations from people you may have never expected to see give. Then again, WWE has seen itself atop the list of Trump donators on several occasions over the years. Maybe it’s a pro wrestling thing?

This is not a critical article but rather an interesting tidbit of news. Chris donated first under his own name and later under his sports entertainment name. A user named Brandon Thurston shared this list on Twitter but if we find a more updated one we will share it.

I would do a mixed martial arts one but I’m fairly certain we all can guess the two people on top of that list. Dana White and Colby Covington are probably up there don’t you think?

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