Several WWE superstars have endured numerous setbacks during the course of their protracted careers. Below you will see the top 10 WWE stars in terms of losses in the organization’s history.

To list the superstars who have lost the most matches in WWE history is a little different from the usual articles we write about; the most victories, most titles won, most appearances, etc., but we feel that our readers should be aware of this information. Some of the renowned names on this list are all-time legends, and their longevity has led to so many losses.

Unfortunately, many WWE superstars have endured numerous setbacks throughout the course of their lengthy careers, and it stands to reason that the lengthier the career, the greater the amount of setbacks will be. Let’s now examine the 10 WWE stars who have dropped the most matches in WWE history, starting from the one with the most defeats down to the guy with the fewest.

Kane (Retired)

The fact that this name is at the top of the list will surprise a lot of readers, but they must realize how long this man’s career lasted and how many fights he participated in. His statistics are astounding; he has competed in a total of 2,807 matches, losing 1,221 of them, giving him a victory percentage of over 50, which is remarkable given the massive number of appearances Kane had.

The Miz (Active)

The Miz is among the most successful WWE stars of all time, but his fighting record is indeed not excellent since out of the 1,862 bouts he has competed in, he has lost 1,182 of those, and since he’s still active, the number of defeats will increase and subsequently, he’s regularly an underdog on online betting sites with WWE in their offers, which can be found at

Brooklyn Brawler (Retired)

Known as one of the Jobbers in the WWE at the time, Brooklyn Brawler served as a springboard for all of the organization’s biggest talents over the years. It’s not surprising that he has lost so many fights given that they used to dominate him and establish themselves. He continues to be revered and is warmly recalled even though he recorded 1,169 losses.

Dolph Ziggler (Active)

Like The Miz, Dolph Ziggler has achieved a lot in the WWE, but one of the reasons for his numerous losses (1,104) is that he has been with the organization a long time and has prioritized experience over other younger talent. Nevertheless, the fans adore him and consider him to be one of the greats.

Randy Orton (Active)

Just as unexpected as Kane’s inclusion on this list is Randy Orton’s, but given that he has competed in the WWE for more than 20 years and has faced so many opponents, losing (1,017 times) is inevitable. On the plus side, though, he has triumphed in more than 50% of his contests.

Big Show (Retired)

Despite being ranked number six on this list, he has a very amazing win-loss record because he has managed to win a lot more bouts than he has lost. He only dropped 910 matches out of a total of 2,216 matches, making his WWE career among the best ever with over 1,300 victories. Big Show is the very first wrestler on the list with a triple-digit number of losses, coming after those with quadruple-digit numbers of defeats who were previously mentioned in the article.

Cody Rhodes (Retired)

In contrast to how he’s now with another business, Cody Rhodes has never been one of the elite WWE superstars. He was similar to The Miz in that he has shown a variety of talents while a member of the WWE while also being successful. He took part in 1,451 contests overall, losing 883 of them.

Jack Swagger (Retired)

Jack Swagger was among the top amateur wrestlers in the WWE, but he didn’t have a very successful career there. Nevertheless, he won the Works and the Money in the Bank titles. He appeared in 1,322 fights overall, and 838 of those matches were losses, which isn’t particularly noteworthy, you’ll agree.

Triple H (Retired)

With 14 World title reigns and 836 defeats, Triple H has become one of the most distinguished and successful superstars in WWE history. The truth that he has lost so many times indicates that he was a team player who frequently placed others before himself during his career.

Chris Jericho (Retired)

Despite being a WWE all-time great, Chris Jericho was forced to appear on this list as he had 833 setbacks. The fact that he only prevailed in 50% of his WWE fights after receiving so many awards is astounding, given all else he has accomplished.