Former UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier was called out by many people during his title reigns. There are a few that stick out and one of them is current light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz. Granted, The callout out was after Daniel retired.

Daniel was critical of Jan and that didn’t sit well at all with the Polish fighter. He fired back quickly and fearlessly challenging the recently retired UFC great to climb back into the Octagon.

Here is some of what Daniel told MMAFighting…

I’ve got to be honest. When Jan Blachowicz was like ‘hey, you want to disrespect me, get off the couch and come fight me.’ And I think to myself maybe I’ll go fight Jan Blachowicz. I’ll go fight him and get this done and then I can walk away.

That lasted about 15 minutes and then I completely understood that I was completely done.

Cormier was visibly a little slower and less explosive. He was past 40 years of age still competing which is fine for a while but the decline is quick for most. It is probably better that his last fight was a loss to Stipe Miocic The man most consider the greatest UFC heavyweight of all time.

Would you have wanted to see Daniel Cormier versus Jan Blachowicz?

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