I thought this was a joke. I honestly thought this was a joke. Who knows it may be an elaborate one.

So the performer in this clip is advertised as a seventh Dan karate black belt and also a Royce Gracie Brazilian jujitsu black belt. The strange part is that he looks like he’s doing Capoeira so it’s anyone’s guess at this point if it’s that, Tae Bo Boogie, or dancing street karate. Talk about an odd combination. The only thing we could think of is that he showed up at Royce’s gym to use his 7th degree burger king karate, got destroyed, and then started learning jujitsu. Plus, and I’m sure there are smarter people than me that know how to fact check this, this clip looks old and there weren’t a whole lot of Royce Gracie black belts back then. Maybe he owned a burger joint and this guy was head chef?

In this clip we are introduced to the Burger Kicking Champion of Norway. First, I cannot believe there is an actual contest to see who can kick burgers the best. Second, I have a hard time believing burger kicking is a sport in Norway. Third, I have an even harder time figuring out why a Burger Kicking Champion would get a spot on TV. and if he’s a champion he stinks. The dude misses, kicks the stick, but his dance moves seem on point. Right?

Watch this clip and tell me you didn’t laugh.


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