Former UFC light heavyweight champion, I can’t believe I actually had to type those words, Jon Jones has vacated his light heavyweight belt to possibly/finally jump to heavyweight and try to capture a title there. No doubt in some part to steal some of the former champ-champ and bitter rival Daniel Cormier’s thunder. Regardless it shocked everyone when the announcement came earlier this week. Probably Dominick Reyes the most.

Reyes was the last man to fight Jones and very nearly dethroned him much like Johny Hendricks did with GSP before the Canadian vacated the welterweight belt. The specter of Georges St. Pierre hung over the 170 pound championship long after he was gone and in someway it was almost as if the title holders were holding the strap for him until he chose to return. Just like GSP, Jones is considered the greatest of all time in his division and they both left on top.

If the gods of MMA have taught us anything it is that things we expect to happen don’t always come to pass. If Karma was in full control Dominick would win the vacant belt since quite a few people thought he was robbed in his fight with the former champ. Unfortunately for him he has a tough test ahead of him in Jan Blachowicz.

The two of them will get it on September 26th at UFC 253 and we will find out what the MMA gods have in store.

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