I’m a huge football fan and for those of my fellow Americans who find it sacrilegious to call it that, we will say Soccer.

I grew up loving to play the sport and was lucky enough to win a state select tournament on a team where I was the goalkeeper. I thought I was the man at the time I mean come on I was 15. It’s something that has stayed with me all of my life and it looks like it has done the same for UFC megastar Conor McGregor.

Connor reportedly invested a “significant“ amount of money in his childhood soccer team, Lourdes Celtic. This was done via a sponsorship from McGregor Sports and Entertainment.

Lourdes Celtic’s Alan Byrne said to The Mac Life..

We’d like to say he got his footwork here. The boxing he can take credit for, but we’ll take credit for the footwork. Conor is an ordinary, decent lad that’s come back to his home club.

Check out the video released via the official The Mac Life Instagram.


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