Former UFC interim lightweight champion Dustin Poirier is a warrior and no one can ever take that away from him. Much like Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje he will go out there prepared to die to win. He is a far cry from the over the top characters of Conor McGregor and Colby Covington and in today’s climate that is a welcome relief. The only issue is that when you are not a salesman like Conor and Colby you are just another shark circling in the water waiting for your turn to take a bite.

Dustin spoke with Ariel Helwani and I can honestly say that he seems to have the fight game figured out. He compared it to a fashion show not referring to clothing, rather referring to how you appear to the fans. If you think about it that is pretty much an accurate description. In today’s society who you are on social media is essentially who you are in the minds of fans. If users knew the actual number of athletes, politicians, and celebrities that pay employees to post for them it would blow their mind and maybe break their hearts. They hire these people to be consistent and portray the most positive image of themself they possibly can.

A fighter also has to make appearances, post videos, post family oriented media, and stuff like that to be relatable and give people a peek behind the curtain at their life. It’s all a big sell and Dustin really does appear to have it nailed. Take a listen.

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