I think we can all relate to former UFC strawweight champion Rose Namajunas in the video clip below. She was asked by Ariel Helwani about whether or not she missed being champion and she gave a very candid response that I could personally relate to easily.

There was a time around 2006-7 that I was a mover and shaker in a rising mixed martial arts company. I even appeared on the cover of TapOut magazine and was invited to events such as parties held by companies like Maxim. I was married and had a young child and that always made the trips difficult but I did it. I did not enjoy the pressure cooker that came with my position but I enjoyed the perks of having it. I think that’s what Rose is saying to Ariel here.

I believe she enjoyed having the belt and knowing she was a champion but not the incredible stress she felt having that title. To know that everyone is gunning for you and that you are not not paranoid, that the spotlight will follow you wherever you go, and that it would be difficult to find a moment of real peace because you represent the company you fight for would be a weight that could very possibly cause someone to crack.

Rose has made public statements in the past about anxiety and having a difficult time dealing with it. It is no wonder what she is saying here resonates with so many people.

What do you think of her comments? Can you relate?

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