Back in 2014 Jon Jones and Mike Tyson were in the same place at the same time. Two undeniable greats in their respective sports and two living legends clowning around like old friends. Tyson is a former boxing champion mega star and Jon is the current light heavyweight champion in the UFC. Seeing the two of them together was such a novelty at the time and the encounter was very entertaining.

The reason this has become relevant again is Jon Jones recently calling out Mike Tyson for a boxing match and a follow up match in the UFC. In case you haven’t been paying attention there has been some discussion by Mike Tyson about potentially coming back to the sport of boxing and a lot of talk by Jon Jones about how low his UFC pay is. Both of those make a perfect storm. Mike wants to return to boxing which is certain to draw in pay per view buys and Jones squaring off against him would definitely make them both a lot of money.

Tyson is over 50 but some of his recent training clips have people drooling at the thought of the monster heavyweight knocking people out again. He looks like an absolute beast and like he hasn’t lost too much of the speed and power that made him great. Fighters have been calling him out left and right and to let you know how much that statement covers the list even includes Tito Ortiz. We felt the same way you did when you read that sentence. Ortiz wouldn’t even box Dana White so we are certain he would not face Mike Tyson.

Even Don King hype job Peter McNeeley who was demolished by Mike back in the 90s called him out recently. It’s getting crazy out there folks. A fight with Mike for his certainly unexpected comeback means millions of dollars for his opponent.

Do we think Mike will actually fight? Probably not but it is entertaining to think about. Here is the clip of Jones and Tyson meeting and slap boxing back in 2014.

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