What a freaking mess.

Jessica Eye and Cynthia Calvillo are in the main event of a UFC fight night that goes down Saturday night. Jessica (#12 pound for pound) is the #1 ranked flyweight in the world and Cynthia sits at #10 in the strawweight rankings. On paper this is a mismatch but it’s actually much closer than many would think. Just ask a hard-core fan and they will tell you everything you need to know.

Cynthia isn’t going to stand back and wait for Jessica to implement her game plan because her style will not allow that. Jessica has fought some of the best in the world and her experience will most definitely come in to play especially if it goes to the later rounds. There is a very real problem for Eye and that’s the weight cutting debacle today where she told people in attendance that she needed help walking off the stage. When a fighter is so weak that .25 pounds seems too much for them to try and cut there is definitely a health concern. Forfeiting 20 to 30% of your purse for .25 pounds? Like I said there were definitely some health concerns.

This is the second time in a row that Jessica has missed weight and other than the physical effects it can also shake your confidence. Some of the fighters we’ve spoken to in the past have said missing weight makes you question whether or not you can perform at your peak and just how much effect it will have on you physically.

We decided to see how much it affected the odds for this bout.

OlyBet has the money line at:

Jessica Eye at 2.10

Cynthia Calvillo at 1.75

There are a lot of prop bets available but the one that interested us most was how the fight would end. The money line for any fighter to win by decision is 5.0, by submission 4.0, and by KO/TKO is also at 5.0.

Who do you have winning and how will the fight end? What round? The event airs on ESPN+ Saturday night.

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