Yes I said booking and not creative because if not Jim Cornette would hunt me down.

If you are a pro wrestling fan it will not be a secret to you that WWE isn’t doing well in the ratings and that the product is beyond subpar right now. From everything we have heard it sounds like a mixture of pleasing stockholders, awful pre-scripted lines, and one cranky senior citizen at the helm. That senior citizen reportedly rewrites shows close to air time and has a predisposition to doing a 180 degree turn and go against the logical. Plus he’s the same man who shoved Roman Reigns down our throats. Never forget that.

I am obviously talking about Vince McMahon who took pro wrestling mainstream and honestly it seems he has no idea what to do with it these days. Many talents have spoken about the old man since leaving the company most notably CM Punk. The other is Punk’s oft target of venom Ryback who had an amazing run going before being relegated to the pre-shows of PPV’s. With the company he left firmly in his rear view and struggling the “Big Guy” gave his take on the situation.

This is what he said on his Shooting Blanks podcast..

I equate it to back when WCW was folding up, and I remember as a fan just watching seeing all these new guys with The New Blood, and like just I didn’t care…I wasn’t invested into them, and I didn’t know why I didn’t care, I was just like, ‘This isn’t as good. Like, where are the guys that I loved? Where are they?’ And it was falling apart.

WWE is struggling creatively and their ratings are tanking partly due to the coronavirus pandemic. People are addicted to 24/7 news and crowds are not allowed to attend meaning the poor writing cannot be hidden with crowd noise. To be fair pro wrestling should never be performed without an audience. Ever. What reports are saying is that Vinny Mac is blaming their new talent and not his bonkers decisions for the poor ratings. It’s truthfully sad to see what he’s done with what was my favorite distraction.

WWE has been doing well financially so it’s honestly not that bad for them right now. Here’s what he said about that…

This is kind of, even though financially that’s not the case with WWE and all of these other things, but from a product standpoint it’s very similar what’s going on, and even if these other talents do get over, you know, like Street Profits. I feel like Street Profits are getting over to a degree, but they’re no where near the level they would if they were actually with some really really over talent. It’s only going to get so high, and the ratings, I don’t see the ratings improving significantly. I think there will be a pop when the crowds are back, but the numbers have been on a decline for too long because this business model is not working.

I hoped that the coronavirus pandemic would allow the company to take a step back and reinvent themselves or at least course correct.


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