RUMORS: WWE and Network being sold to ESPN and Fox

Remember that this is just a rumor and nothing has been proven to be true as of now.

If this rumor is true then it is one of the saddest day in professional wrestling history along with the sale and immediate closure of WCW. This rumor caught fire when legend Dutch Mantell tweeted it out. Most modern fans probably know him as Jack swagger‘s manager during his “we the people“ run. Needless to say the following tweet sparked a lot of speculation and spirited discussions on social media.

If this turns out to be true it will be remembered as a failure and not a success. WWE has been struggling in ratings and growth in terms of fanbase since they got themselves knee-deep in the PGA era and having to please shareholders rather than fans. Being described as out of touch is a daily occurrence for the organization and criticism of Vince McMahon still being in charge of booking despite the company‘s struggles goes along with it. It would be seen as an admittance of failure even if it was not.

It would get a cranky elderly man out from behind the helm of the biggest and most powerful wrestling company in the world and we might actually get professional wrestling instead of this horrible comedy we have to sit through every week – and those atrociously scripted promos that make you cringe.

This is probably just a rumor but then again with how much they are struggling they could be looking to get out, get richer, and finally break in to true television mainstream operations that they have been circling since the end of the attitude era. They are not struggling financially but the product has become very low on substance and continuity which is worse. In the long run that is going to be financially devastating.

Imagine all of that archive footage going to someone who isn’t a true wrestling fan and imagine how commercialized the product would become. Today’s product is overly produced and has way too many commercial breaks as it is. Just imagine what a big network is going to do with it.

The one big take away and huge positive from this rumor is the possibility that Kevin Dunn, (WWE’s alleged pro wrestling hating producer) could finally, finally be gone from the company and someone with a true passion for what the business should be could come in. I wouldn’t be getting motion sickness from the ridiculous zoom in zoom out with every hard strike. he has been with the company way too long and should be gone in most vans opinions. That’s not hating that’s the truth. Just go searching on YouTube and on forums and you’ll see I’m right.

Yikes. If this is true then Vince McMahon‘s legacy will be as a quitter.

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