While this video is pretty funny it is probably the best idea for anyone who practices jujitsu, or any other type of grappling on a regular basis. Those two things are the epitome of close contact with sex maybe trumping both of them depending on whether you are rolling with a black belt or a blue belt.

The people in these classes come from all walks of life. Rich, poor, street, city, and so on. Virus transmission is a real danger right now especially since it can hibernate for up to 14 days. New studies are showing that the virus might actually live in the air for up to a day and that’s pretty scary. Hygiene, and I mean no disrespect, is not some people‘s main concern especially with our busy schedules. I am a ring announcer and I can name three fighters who on multiple occasions were forced to wash up before the event because of how bad they stunk. I wish I was making that up unfortunately I am not.

You guys know the drill. Wash your hands, take precautions, but if you really think about grappling it is almost impossible to roll with someone without making significant amounts of skin contact.

The video below is a lighthearted representation of the very real threat of widespread transmission and we wanted to share something funny with you because right now we all need it.

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