“Alpha” Cat Zingano hasn’t been seen fighting in a cage since losing to Megan Anderson at December 29, 2018. The TKO loss was due to an eye injury which resulted in a whole lot of arguing over whether a toe grazing an eyeball was legal or not. It was allowed and we are stunned that Jon Jones has not added that to his arsenal right beside eye pokes.

After being released from the UFC she was in the news again for signing with Bellator. Fans including myself were very happy we would see Cat fighting again.

Zingano recently revealed bravely that her breast implants were the source of quite a few of her medical problems she had been struggling with. The reason was something called BII or Breast Implant Illness that some studies have shown affects the health of those who have had them put in. She claims that since the removal her overall well being has noticeably improved.

Selfishly, I am happy because this means her return to the cage is going to be sooner than later.

Cat fearlessly shared a photo putting the resulting scars on display.

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