LOL: Diego Sanchez’s now infamous coach teaches unintentionally hilarious technique

It’s a Saturday morning. I open Instagram and there on one of my favorite Instagram accounts, I see a video. This video has Diego Sanchez’s now infamous Coach, Joshua Fabia demonstrating a technique with the most unfortunate and unintentionally hilarious name ever.

For a porn star this would be just fine. I would even allow this in a Will Ferrell movie. Unfortunately, when you are teaching this technique to what we believe to be police officers this is probably not the terminology to use.

Fabia apparently told an athletic commission last year that Diego had a deadly move in his arsenal that they needed to look out for. If his fighter locked it on they better break it up immediately or his opponent was going to die. The way he described it was a Stone Cold Stunner choke. I cannot make this up.

Is this a little juvenile on my part to share? Oh yeah. Is it funny? Without a doubt. As always, we apologize in advance and enjoy!

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