LMAO. Bruh….

UFC Welterweight champ Kamaru Usman should stop trying to copy Colby Covington and Chael Sonnen when it comes to trash talk. It ended badly for them with Sonnen losing to Anderson Silva twice and Covington a short time ago to Kamaru himself. The point is that things usually never end well when there is more talking than fighting.

The reason people are clowning the champion is that he tried to act like he had no idea who BMF title holder Jorge Masvidal was. This is despite the fact he has commented many times on Jorge’s record setting 5 second KO of Ben Askren to different media outlets. He has also gone as far to say that they have a mutual respect for each other and if you don’t believe us watch his appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. He has talked about him many times to many people. That’s the point we are trying to make and the creator of this video nailed it.

The person put together a montage of just a few of the times he has mentioned him interspersed with his attempt at looking cool and denying he ever heard of him.

it will not end well for you champ if you turn a probable fight with Masvidal into one prefaced by disrespect. We aren’t saying Jorge would beat you necessarily, but we are saying it’s better not to talk crap about this man as most of us have seen what happened to some of his more vocal opponents over the years.

So here’s the clip. And the kicker? Masvidal was the one who posted it.

We hope you laugh as much as we did.


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