Let me preface this by saying both of these fighters are class acts.

That being said, Ben Fowler and Derik Overstreet were prepared to smash each other at HRMMA 112 in November. Fowler did in a brutal way.

The bell rang and Fowler rushed across the cage and in a flash the incredibly talented Overstreet was out cold from a well timed power punch. Ben had just become the new HRMMA light heavyweight champ and put the rest of the division on notice.

It was a shock to the crowd who had all just sang Sweet Caroline in unison as Derik made his way to the cage to the song. Fowler was a heavy underdog and later told me he was sure that he would be the one getting knocked out. Watch this clip before I tell you about the moment I choked up after the fight.

Absolutely brutal.

Fowler’s 2 year old daughter had been killed and MMA was what was helping him cope through all of the years as he tried to heal. He dedicated the bout to her and we hugged in the middle of the cage while I was interviewing him.

Overstreet had just signed with Sucker Punch Entertainment and a few days ago he told me he would be dropping from Kentucky’s revised light heavyweight 195 pound division down to the middleweight 185 limit. The Fowler Fight was just his fourth time in the cage and he is still young.

Ben has a tough task ahead with the east coast full of light heavyweight talent. He’s got the skills to defend the belt for sure.

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