UFC is a world-class sport, although it didn’t start that way. It gained prominence over time, and its viewership and fan base grew as it continued to become a popular sport. It began to draw the attention of big industry players, including video game studies, who started to make video games to capture fans of the competition. In this post, we will list some of the best games in the UFC. 

List of Best UFC games

UFC games have gained so much critical acclaim over the years. They are known for their gritty fighting and graphics that pull players into the action. Here are 5 of the best UFC games:

UFC Undisputed 3

UFC Undisputed 3 has a reputation for being so lifelike. It is a beloved game among gamers for its realism and the way it tries to mimic actual UFC matches. This realism is part of what makes UFC 3 have its appeal and grants it a spot on this list.

The gameplay is fluid and smooth. The fighters have their techniques and unique identity. UFC undisputed three crafts unique personas that closely resemble the MMA fighters on screen. The fighter’s footwork is also exceptional, and this contributes to the overall feel of the game. 

UFC 2010 Undisputed

The number two game on this list, UFC 2010 undisputed, is another masterpiece in the UFC undisputed series. It is the much-acclaimed sequel to the original UFC undisputed, and it was a significant improvement on the first in the series.  

The game improved on many mechanics from its predecessor, especially presentation. The career mode is much more in-depth and more immersive. It also uses popular names like Joe Rogan, who is a commentator in the the the game. The game infuses post-fight interviews, sponsors, and other attributes that make the gamer feel like a superstar. 


EA Sports is a very renowned game maker with titles like FIFA under their belt. EA MMA is a big hit from the studio as it was their take on the MMA scene. The first thing you notice is the different feel the game has from the UFC undisputed series. The graphics, mechanics, and appeal are quite different.

The game has been a critique for being similar to the boxing series of video games titled ‘Fight Night.’ Game enthusiasts have argued that this similarity leads to its success and acclaim as it was what the market already wanted. The movement mechanics were quite realistic and fluid.

Pride FC

Pride FC is one of the earliest entrants into the MMA gaming space. In its time, it was a hit and is considered one of the best MMA games ever created. It has a robust collection of fighters, proper in-game mechanics, excellent presentation, and fluid gameplay. Although it is an earlier game, it showed what could be possible in the MMA digital gaming realm.

The game hooks you from the first minute and holds you hostage till the end. The transitions are smooth and seamless, and it pulled the player into a whole new experience of Mixed Martial Art.

UFC Slot Machines

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