If you are a pro wrestling fan I shouldn’t have to tell you who these two legends are.

To the newer fans, Larry Zbyszko ended up as one of the commentating team in the 90’s during the weeks where WCW massacred WWE in the ratings. He had a brief stint in the NWA, a short one in the AWA, and then stayed with World Championship Wrestling from 1990-2000. He was inducted in to the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015 capping off a memorable career.

Masa Saito was a former AWA champion but most old school fans may remember his 1981 tag team championship run with partner Mr. Fuji. Sadly we lost Saito in July of 2018 to Parkinson’s Disease but his matches in both American and Japanese pro wrestling organizations are thankfully on film.

Check out the rare match WWE released today from the early 80’s featuring Zbyszko challenging Saito for the AWA world title.

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