Ronda Rousey resurfaces to appear in ‘Road to Recovery’ video

Former UFC and WWE champion “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey appeared on the FyzioGym and Revolution Physical Therapy Youtube channel recently. Ronda broke her hand punching WWE women’s champion Becky Lynch in the main event of Wrestlemania and spoke about it specifically in the video.

I broke my hand…I’d say probably in the middle of my WrestleMania main event match. I was trying to punch this girl in safe spots, which is basically the arms and the torso, and in-between switching from arms to torso I caught her elbow with my pinkie and shattered it. Not only did I shatter my knuckle but I did God knows what else to it after I shattered it. They pretty much had to smoosh all of the parts that they could together and put two pins in it. Now it’s all the way back and I’m super stoked.

Ronda also suffered a pretty gruesome injury on the set of the “9-1-1” TV show where she portrays a Los Angeles Fire Department bad ass. Her middle finger was broken and the tendon was nearly severed plus she also fractured the tip of her ring finger. It was reported her middle finger was repaired with a bolt and some screws. Then she shows up to the set the next day. Hardcore, man.

I had to deal with an open wound and I had to deal with a really big infection risk because the bone was exposed. I had to be kept in the observation overnight. It was actually pretty nice that I didn’t have to wear a cast. I could have a brace, have it opened to the air and clean it, and scratch it. I hate casts.

Check out the video they shared below.

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