You cannot make this stuff up.

Some dude in a horrifying gimp suit was terrorizing people in Somerset, located in South West England, and he had an unfortunate run in with an MMA fighter. The hero’s name was Cameron Graham and he ran across the psycho pictured below in a car park.

Horrifying. Picture via Mirror

Graham was very drunk and coming home from a pub when he crossed paths with the lunatic. After beating the would be attacker up he went home and told his family about it but no one believed him. In fact Cameron himself began to wonder whether or not he had imagined it all. Reports of sightings from around the area began to get media coverage and he realized he had put down a nutjob.

To be honest this info comes from Graham himself and could not be verified by other sources. If it is true we applaud him because the lunatic is reportedly scaring parents enough to keep their kids inside.

WTF is wrong this world?

Source: Mirror

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