Why Floyd? Why do you keep doing this stuff?

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s manager Ali Abdelaziz says Floyd Mayweather Jr now wants to box his client. He’s reportedly fixated on it like Sauron was to the One Ring in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. If you haven’t seen the films just know it’s like a meth head who hasn’t done meth in three days. Ali says he gets calls on the regular asking to make that fight happen.

He believes Mayweather is out of money after his giant payday for the Conor McGregor bout has run out. With Floyd who knows what the real reason is but we are going with Abdelaziz here and saying ‘money’.

Ali spoke with TMZ about a number of things including a potential GSP vs Khabib fight. Check it out.

One thing we will say to Mr. Mayweather is: Stop talking smack and get in an MMA ring.

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