Fighter Xu Xiadong is now infamous for a few things. The first is that he started defeating some of China’s esteemed masters easily with his MMA skills. They tried to limit the techniques he could use and even changed venues that might suit the traditional martial artists more. It didn’t work.

The second thing he is now known for is being punished by the Chinese government for his victories to the tune of about $58K USD and forced apologies on social media for 7 consecutive days.

For this.

Here’s the kicker.

The Tai Chi master he destroyed – who partially prompted the government to take action – is now training in kickboxing. So, the Chinese government panicked and began to try and keep the reputations of the martial arts cash cows in tact now has to watch one of the masters they protected essentially admit his style doesn’t work?


Watch his kickboxing training below. Maybe he’s hoping to rematch Xu?

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