It’s not a secret that WWE’s current TV product leaves a lot to be desired. Consistency issues, poor writing, and often down right baffling creative choices have caused ratings to drop to the point that you would think things would have to change.


Vince McMahon reportedly has complete and total control over what happens on television and changes it at the last minute more often than not. Whatever the case truly is we can all agree that even die hard fans – like us – are scratching and shaking our heads in disappointment frequently. One fan summed it up perfectly for us on Twitter and WWE star Sasha Banks liked it.

Banks has been vocal on social media about the booking choices and formulaic product in general. Despite so many talented performers WWE just can’t seem to figure out how to produce more than a few genuine superstars at a time. This is a problem that popped up around when they went public and was prominently on display when they brought Roman Reigns up from NXT and broke up The Shield stable. After that it was all Roman all of the time even when ratings began to tumble.

What do you think? Is this fan correct?

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