BJ Penn is a legend…who needs to retire.

I know what you’re saying. “Why is this writer dude telling a legend when to hang up the gloves”? Anyone who has followed the UFC since the beginning of the Zuffa age knows what fighters past their prime look like. It looks like this…

Penn is on an historic 7 fight skid in the UFC. At this point in anyone else’s career without the legendary status they would be released and in Bellator by now.

I still feel good and the desire to compete is still there. It was a good scrap with Clay, who is a really tough fight for anybody at 155. You know what they say Chris, Babe Ruth set a record for most strikeouts too, right?

Setting the strike out record is missing a baseball with a bat and not getting repeatedly struck in the head. Penn has taken beatings from guys like Nick Diaz, Frankie Edgar, GSP, and Matt Hughes just to name a few.

His latest beatdown came from Clay Guida of all people at UFC 237. Not to take anything away from Clay because he’s a warrior but this is BJ Penn we are talking about here and not some journeyman. Penn released a statement on his website about the historic losing streak, his loss to Guida, and his future.

But in all seriousness, I do this because I love it. Anderson Silva said it best: Never feel sorry for the Lion, because the Lion doesn’t feel sorry for himself when he is surrounded by a bunch of Hyenas ready to die.

What so you think of his comments? Should he retire?

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