It is sounding more and more like Jones will never fight DC at heavyweight

UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier has dared light heavyweight champion Jon Jones to move up to heavyweight for a potential third meeting. Technically Jon has two wins already over Daniel but officially it reads 1 win and 1 no contest. That no contest came from a USADA violation after knocking out Cormier back at UFC 217 in July of 2017. Despite coming up short twice it appears that Daniel just can’t let this feud go. He might reach 60 and still be calling for it…seriously.

Jon hasn’t let this go either taking shots at DC to antagonize him whenever possible on social media. Cormier fires back, talk of a third fight surfaces only for Jon to dismiss it. It’s not because he says Daniel is scared but rather that the weight cut is too hard for the heavyweight king.

Here’s what he said to MMAJunkie about it.

He’s definitely never coming back to light heavyweight. He says it, but there’s no way he’s coming back to light heavyweight. To commit your life to lose that type of weight and to come up short again would be so devastating. It would take an incredible amount of courage to attempt it, and to come up short would just be so devastating. I doubt he’d put himself through that for a third time.

He slips some wording in there that will probably trigger Cormier – because why wouldn’t he right?

What do you think? Will they ever face each other for a third time? With DC in those retirement years we believe