How you gonna get jacked by Santa Claus? Nah. How you gonna get owned by the Easter bunny?

If you are a male and you and you want to throw hands with a woman in Florida you better look over your shoulder, player. The Easter bunny don’t play that and you might get hop-slapped.

In this video a very dumb man starts fighting with a woman. So far so bad. Then out of nowhere a legit Easter bunny steps in to save her. He takes his back the best he can and starts pounding the assailant out. If that suit wasn’t on our hero, the attacker may have gotten it worse.

The cops finally arrive and it gets broken up. Props to the responding officer for not even acting the least bit surprised that a mythical rabbit is handling a dude. It’s Florida so this may be normal.

Before you watch this I want you to imagine the 911 call, “OH MUH GAWD! THE EASTER BUNNY IS BEATING THE HELL OUT OF SOMEONE! COME QUICK!”

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