UFC standout and current Bare Knuckle FC competitor Chris Leben has been through the ringer in life. Due to personal demons he had some serious challenges that he himself shared with fans that included a serious addiction. Chris once unashamedly said, “I spent most of money on drugs”.

He announced a retirement from MMA in part due to said addictions and then shocked everyone by returning to competition. True to his word it wasn’t a return to mixed martial arts. Bare Knuckle FC came calling and the heavy handed slugger answered in style.

Every time people have written him off he defies the odds and proves them wrong.

With his next Bare Knuckle FC bout against Justin Baesman going down tonight he has been making the media rounds and he sounds more focused than he has in quite a while. Here’s what he said (transcription via MMA News).

“Combat sports is my life. Obviously, I trained MMA forever. I’ve done some kickboxing matches. My full time job now is that I’m a coach, I’m a referee. I’m doing the bare knuckle thing. I love combat sports. I love them all.”

“It sounds cheesy but I consider myself a martial artist so when it comes to any of these combat sports, I want to at least know what I’m talking about. Whether you’re talking to me about bare knuckle, kickboxing, MMA, whatever, I want to know what I’m talking about.”

Bare Knuckle FC 5 is headlined tonight, yes headlined, by Artem Lobov. Jason Knight gets a shot at the ‘GOAT’ in the main event with Leben inhabiting the co-main spot.

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