The Biggest Gambler in MMA History

Betting on any sport is easy nowadays with every website giving you instructions on how to bet. If you know how to bet on boxing, you can easily bet on MMA. MMA is a combat sport known as ‘mixed martial arts’. This sport is well known since the 1990s. This article is brought to you by Sailor Bingo a leading bingo portal in the UK Click here to visit their website.

Vegas Dave Oancea is a name familiar to all the betters or aspiring gamblers of MMA. He has set a benchmark for all betters to be always remembered in MMA history.  He is from Hawaii. Last November Vegas Dave Oancea claimed the largest future bet in the history of sports where he won $2.5 million on the new World Series champion Kansas City Royals.

It was not a one-night thing of being the biggest gambler in MMA, in his initial days Vegas Dave Oancea was more fond of baseball and football. He always happened to watch every match of football and baseball before his betting career. Eventually, he happened to develop an interest in the UFC.

This veteran bettor stepped aside from his normal baseball and football background and placed his first ever mixed martial arts bet: $20,000 on a promising underdog named Holly Holm. That was the real big beginning for him in MMA and it was extra impressive because Vegas Dave came away with $240,000 when Holm knocked Ronda Rousey out in the second round of the main event of UFC 193 in order to become the new women’s bantamweight champion.

After this enormous win, at UFC 194, Oancea picked Conor McGregor over defending featherweight champ Jose Aldo to the tune of $30,000 taking his MMA betting record to 2-0. After that when he had to pick the third player, he took women’s bantamweight challenger Miesha Tate over the new champ Holly Holm and he won over a quarter of a million dollars when “Cupcake” submitted Holm. It was history when his $77,000 bet made $300,000, which was the biggest in mixed martial arts history.

The decision of Vegas Dave to initially go with Holm against Rousey was quite bold for many. On being asked about the reasons for the bet, these questions were very well addressed by Vegas Dave. He stated that he usually preferred underdogs in boxing and pro sports because he thought that it is just one punch that can knock out a player in the game. For him, Holly Holm was more than just a player; she was a world-class striker, boxer, and kickboxer. When Vegas Dave saw the odds of 11-1 in that game, he was sure that Holly Holm would knock out Ronda. And that happened! Holly outboxed Ronda brutally and emerged as a winner. This was a victory for Vegas Dave too. On his wager of $10,000 on Holly Holm he won a whopping $2.5 million. Everyone was taken by shock with this event.

Vegas Dave has bet on fights on three of the last four UFC PPV cards. In the market of gambling since many people are reaching out to him, Vegas Dave makes a statement for all of them that gambling with heads on the game without following your heart is what makes you guess the right odds in any game. There should not be any sort of loyalty towards any single player because whoever gives you money should be your preference when you bet. When in an interview he was asked about his last win and he replied with the above statement and defined professional gambling for others.

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