WTF: Thor to play Hulk in Hogan’s biopic

I won’t lie and say I did not enjoy typing the title of this article.

In what is some of the strangest news stories to come out in the past few days this is one of our favorites. It turns out that Hulk Hogan will be having a movie made about his life AKA a biopic. The star? The guy who plays Thor.

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth will become The Hulkster on the big screen and while he may have the muscles does he have the swagger to pull it off?

The film will center around the rise of Hulkamania and not Hogan’s entire life or his WCW career afterwards. The story about the film was published in The Hollywood Reporter.

In the 21st century, however, Hogan’s fortunes were see-sawing as personal conflicts overtook those inside the ring. Most notably, he was embroiled in a sex tape scandal, with the wife of a friend and radio personality, including a years-long lawsuit that precipitated the end of Gawker and led to Hogan receiving tens of millions of dollars in a settlement.

The biopic will not delve into those years or attempt to encompass Hogan’s entire life. Instead, sources say it will focus on his rise and is described as an origin story of the Hulkster and Hulkamania.

The deal, which took months to put together, will include life rights, with Bollea acting as a consultant on the movie as well as executive producer.

The movie is reportedly most likely to come out on Netflix. Who are we kidding? We’re going to watch it.

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