Lately, any news about Roman Reigns has been a big deal. Yesterday, the 22nd of Feb, WWE announced that Roman Reigns would return to Monday Night Raw on the 25th of February. He would show up on the episode to give updates on his battle with leukaemia. This was quite a surprise considering that the news came out of nowhere. In fact, over the past month, there haven’t been updates at all about Roman’s health. This could be good news for many online sportsbooks as fans bet on WWE matches.

As expected, there was an outpouring of love and support for Roman Reigns from almost everyone in the WWE locker room. Below, we share the messages that some of the WWE members posted on their social media.

Love pours out for Roman Reigns

Triple H posted on his Twitter that he thinks no one fights harder and is tougher than Reigns. Triple H further said that he couldn’t wait to see Reigns in his back yard this coming Monday on Raw and hear how his battle with leukaemia is going.

The WWE also posted that Roman Reigns was returning to Raw with an update on his battle.

A female wrestler, Sasha Banks, Seemed shocked by the tweet from the WWE and only posted question marks.

Vince McMahon posted that Reigns would address the status of his fight with leukaemia this Monday on Raw with the hashtags: #fighter #proud #classy.

Replying to Vince McMahon’s tweet, Curtis Axel said that they were going to meet him on his bus, with the hashtag #BTeam.

The news of Reigns’ return is welcomed by many fans as well. We know that most people watch WWE as they play their casino games at the best high roller casinos and are true fans of Roman Reigns. We were all crushed to learn about his battle with leukaemia and were crushed when he left WWE. Now we get to see him once again. Truth is we can’t wait for Monday so we can see our superstar again. In fact, we are praying that he’s fit again to get back in the ring.

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