PWTorch is reporting that one of the WWE’s biggest stars is leaving.

Dean Ambrose’s contract expires after Wrestlemania 35 and it appears he’s not coming back. They are reporting that he is the one who requested his release from the company despite a significant pay raise put on the table.

If WWE creative, and I use that term loosely, doesn’t have anything for Dean then he could go at anytime should they choose to let him.

If you follow pro wrestling news sites like we do then you have seen the gradual increase in stories of Ambrose’s unhappiness. The word “frustrated” is attached to many of those reports.

Last weekend in Phoenix was when his notice was allegedly given and there has been no word on what the response was or if WWE would continue trying to get him to stay.

The real question is whether or not on-air talent and wife Renee Young will leave with him.

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