Matt Brown throws massive shade at Jon Jones over repeated flagged drug tests

Matt Brown is tough inside of the cage as well as outside. He is never afraid to speak his mind. Like never.

During a media scrum recently the topic of PED’s came up and so did Jon Jones because lately the two go hand in hand with each other. Jones caused the UFC 232 event to be moved last minute from Vegas to California. All because of an ‘atypical’ drug test result. It was a mess.

Brown held nothing back (via MMAmania)…

I can’t understand why – if they’re gonna let him do it, let him do it, right? Why not let us all do steroids, whatever. People are just gonna do it. Otherwise, ban these sons of bitches, you know? Either you can do it or you can’t. Why are we in this gray area? It’s garbage.

What do you think of these comments?