The stars descend on Clarksville for historic Tried-N-True Pro presents NWA pop-up event featuring David Arquette

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. — Renowned actor David Arquette is returning to the ring for the first time since his horrifyingly bloody pro wrestling death match back in November. Arquette will be taking on veteran pro wrestler Jocephus in a “hair match” for a historic NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) pop-up event at the Wilma Rudolph Event Center on Saturday, Jan. 5, in association with local promotion Tried-N-True Pro. The loser of the match will have to shave their head, which could be a big deal for Arquette if he has an upcoming acting gig.

Arquette participated in a press conference with other NWA and Tried-N-True wrestlers including Crimson, Jax Dane, James Storm, heavyweight champion Nick Aldis, women’s champion Jazz, national champion Willie Mack, along with NWA President Billy Corgan, Friday night at Pinnacle Family Entertainment Center in Clarksville. Arquette’s upcoming opponent Jocephus stormed the press conference with a VHS copy of David’s 2000 pro wrestling movie “Ready to Rumble” telling the audience that David was just an actor and had no business trying to get in the ring with him. While it is true Arquette is mostly known for his roles on the silver screen, he does have wrestling experience and even held the WCW heavyweight title for a brief time many years ago.

Arquette and Jocephus nearly came to blows at the press conference but were separated by former Smashing Pumpkins frontman Corgan who now runs the NWA organization and has made the once struggling promotion a recognized force in the world of pro wrestling again. It was an entertaining preview for what is sure to be an exciting Saturday night of pro wrestling action in Clarksville. We’ll see if David can keep all his hair and leave the ring injury free this time around.

Tried-N-True Pro Wrestling is the brainchild of Crimson who has been entertaining Clarksville wrestling fans the past few years by bringing star talent to the area and this historic collaboration with the legendary NWA promotion is the next step in the organization’s evolution. Crimson said he would be able to look back on this event in 10 years as a milestone for his burgeoning promotion.

There’s plenty of star power on the card for Saturday night that includes an NWA heavyweight title match, a women’s title match, of course the hair-vs-hair match featuring Arquette, and much more. It should be a lot of fun. We will be there and we hope to see you there as well!


(All photos by Jack Bratcher for

NWA owner Billy Corgan
NWA owner Billy Corgan and NWA women’s champ Jazz
Tried-N-True owner/wrestler Crimson
Tried_n_True owner/wrestler Crimson
A historic collaboration
From left: Jax Dane, David Arquette, Billy Corgan, Crimson
David Arquette and James Storm
David Arquette
David Arquette
David Arquette
Billy Corgan trying to stop Arquette and Jocephus from brawling
James Storm
James Storm
James Storm
NWA women’s champion Jazz
NWA women’s champion Jazz
Jocephus holds up Arquette’s VHS movie “Ready to Rumble”
NWA heavyweight champion Nick Aldis
NWA heavyweight champ Nick Aldis
NWA national champion Willie Mack has an amazing story
TNT’s Jax Dane
The spiritual advisor for Jocephus
The spiritual advisor for Jocephus
Tag Team partners Crimson and Jax Dane with sponsor Eric Lehman
Event sponsor/Clarksville attorney Eric Lehman with David Arquette

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