He’s the miggity, miggity, miggity, miggity, max daddy and he’s also the figgity featherweight chizzamp.

I just lost 500 street cred points. Moving on…

Max Holloway rules the featherweight division literally with an iron fist. He has won 4 fights in a row by KO/TKO with the last being a beatdown of Brian Ortega at UFC 231. Even with that impressive run he is still struggling to achieve mainstream success and part of that is who used to be the champ. Hint: He’s an outspoken, cocky, Vince McMahon walking, Irishman.

It’s Conor McGregor. Duh.

Featherweight McGregor peaked at 1.2 million pay per view buys when he shared the main event with former champion Jose Aldo. At lightweight he broke the box office against Nate Diaz with 1.3 million buys at UFC 196 and then 1.65 million for the rematch at UFC 202. During that period, Holloway quietly kept winning and after he smashed Ortega his win streak sits at 13, but how does that run do in PPV buys?

Max Holloway PPV headline estimates according to Jed I. Goodman on Twitter…

This is good news for Max. His drawing power keeps increasing and yet something still hasn’t clicked with the mainstream audience. Maybe it’s a big fight or maybe it’s just his calm demeanor being in stark contrast to Conor’s, or maybe it’s the fact that he looks so unassuming? Whatever it is the good news is that he is on the rise.

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