UFC wants Lesnar way too close to Wrestlemania

Yesterday we reported that Brock Lesnar was close to signing or had already signed a new WWE deal which could interfere with his return to the UFC. Lesnar was supposed to return to face Daniel Cormier for the heavyweight championship but as we saw last weekend that didn’t happen. DC successfully defended his title against Derrick Lewis at UFC 230 and talk of a third Jon Jones fight surfaced instead of Brock. It’s a confusing time to be Daniel Cormier.

Lordsofpain.net is reporting that the UFC wants Lesnar to return on March 3rd just five weeks out from WWE’s 2019 Wrestlemania event. The odds of Vinny Mac okaying this are almost one million to one because injuries and medical suspensions are normal occurrences in MMA. Brock is supposed to face Braun Strowman at the event in a rematch from WWE’s recent Crown Jewel that saw Lesnar come out on top. If Lesnar was unable to wrestle for some reason it would spoil what will be five months build-up. Plus, with Roman Reigns out the obvious choice to be christened the next big thing is Strowman. It’s a rare happening when the fans and WWE are in agreement of who they should cheer.

No word from the UFC publicly so we will have to wait and see.