WWE insider Dave Meltzer of MMAFighting has potentially uncovered a deal between Brock Lesnar and WWE that could squash his planned fight with heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier. Here’s what he is reporting…

With Reigns out, Lesnar got a new offer from (Vince) McMahon to replace Reigns as his top singles champion. Lesnar agreed secretly to the new deal, and won the pro wrestling championship again. The new deal is for multiple shows, but its length of time has been kept secretive. But it is known that Lesnar is scheduled as late as April of next year for WrestleMania.

The deal does allow him to take a UFC fight, but whether Lesnar really will do that during this contractual term with WWE is a bigger question. And for Cormier, with the sands of the hourglass of his career rapidly running out, and him continuing to say he’s done in March after his 40th birthday, the Lesnar fight is far less of a sure thing than it seemed a month ago.

It’s not a surprise that Lesnar would renew his contract with WWE because it is a big payday for far fewer dates than any other wrestler in the company at his level. Brock is the current WWE champion and arguably the biggest attraction despite his limited appearances. He has a net worth of $22M and he doesn’t have to put his body at risk in The Octagon if he doesn’t want to so it really is how bad he wants to fight.

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