First let me give you some back story on this article or it won’t seem like that big of a deal.

The short version is that a reporter named Jamal Khashoggi went missing in Saudi Arabia. Over the course of a week details emerged that he wasn’t missing he was murdered by a hit squad, or death squad depending on which news story you read. More horrific details emerged that he was dismembered by a bone saw – alive. The backlash was fierce and the outcries were loud and public. A journalist who spoke out against Saudi Arabia was brutally murdered, it was being covered up by their government, and no company in their right mind would hold an event there for financial gain. Or would WWE? What was your question again, bro?

Enter WWE.

WWE’s Crown Jewel PPV goes down on Friday in Saudi Arabia and if you think I was kidding about just how insane they are for still moving forward…check out Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

When you are mentioned on that show then you can count on being tagged in the big ones.

Last night on RAW, WWE did all they could to not mention where it was taking place. They said the day, the time, gave the description and match list, but avoided the words Saudi and Arabia like the plague. I can’t report the exact figure they are getting paid from their Saudi deal to put on events so I will not attempt it. It is substantial though and it has to be for them to give the middle finger to the international community. Why wouldn’t they take a stand for the common man, protest what happened ,and more importantly condemn the cover up? What was your question again, bro?

HUGE props to John Cena for refusing to perform there. He’s John Cena and can get away with it and we can’t help but wonder what would happen if it was someone like The Miz or better yet an A-lister like Braun Strowman or Seth Rollins. They would be going we can assure you. Then again…what if John Cena not going is a PR stunt from WWE? What was your question again, bro?

The bottom line is that WWE still holding an event in a country that tried to cover-up a journalist’s murder. Tasteless. Quote me when I say the announcers might say something like, “WWE stands behind the Saudi Arabian people and government in condemning the slaying of said journalist”. Maybe not.

What was your question again, bro?


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