Artem Lobov may be the most intriguing fighter in the UFC right now. With a record of 13-14-1 – yes you read that right – he is in the co-main event of UFC Moncton tomorrow night. To put that in perspective remember when hardcore fans were calling for Tito Ortiz’s head to be on the UFC chopping block? At that time Tito was 15-8-1 overall and getting ready to face, and shockingly submit Ryan Bader at UFC 132 but he was ridiculed for that track record. Sure Ortiz was on a 4 fight skid but the focus was on his wins and losses overall. What’s my point? What was your question, bro?

Lobov has survived mainly because he is a streaky fighter and one could argue more spotty than anything. In the UFC he has lost 2, won 2, and lost 2 more bringing him to a total of 2-4 in the organization. Normally having that record would probably see you holding walking papers. Now, one could argue that his ties to Conor McGregor have kept him employed because that connection is well known and draws interest. To be fair, Frank Mir was 2-6 in his last eight which is not a good representation of just how talented Mir truly is. I’m sure they kept the former heavyweight champion active out of respect for what he has done for the company in the past. What’s my point? Frank Mir and Artem Lobov are fearless and will fight anyone anytime, but Lobov doesn’t have the championship history Mir does. Why did I ask that? What was your question again, bro?

Lobov fights Michael Johnson at a catch weight of 147 pounds tomorrow night because Johnson missed the 146 pound limit for a non-title featherweight bout. 20% of Michael’s purse goes to Lobov but being a baller the Russian tried to refuse taking it. He even went as far as saying he would give it back since MJ took the fight on short notice. There’s no doubt he’s a warrior and classy when it counts. Can he beat Michael and continue his UFC career? What was your question again, bro?

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